jewelry care

Our pieces are all produced in limited quantity and can be delicate due to their hand made nature. They deserve a little love and care!

Water, sweat and thank you!

Always avoid contact with cleaning agents, beauty products, perfume, lotions, hairspray, hand sanitizer, alcohol and water.

Put jewelry on last when getting ready and remove before exercising, showering, swimming and sleeping. We recommend taking rings off when washing your hands or using hand sanitizer to prolong the life of your jewels.

Don't forget to show your jewelry some love after wear! Remove sweat, residue and natural body oils by cleaning your piece lightly with a soft, dry, cotton cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaners and polishing cloths which contain chemicals that can strip gold plating.

Store pieces individually in a soft pouch or plastic bag to minimize tangling, tarnishing and oxidation. Gold jewelry will eventually tarnish or discolor if left out in the open air, so preserve your pretty piece by sealing it up when not in use.

Any jewelry can scratch with wear...this is normal and just shows how much you love your House of Grace piece. Best advice is to remove jewelry during any rigorous activity and avoid banging your jewelry on hard surfaces. Always pack your jewelry separately and carefully when traveling.